Bette-Ann Libin
Principal Ballet Teacher


The West Hartford Press (August 10, 2017)

We never thought we would find anything good coming out of covid, but we did. My daughter was becoming more and more unhappy with her dance studio at that time. She felt unheard and not well instructed. She was losing her love of dance which hurt my heart since she's wanted to do ballet since she was four years old. She had such a yearning to learn all she could in ballet/ pointe. She was 14 at that time. I came across an advertisement from a local dance store that Studio of Dance and Bette-Ann Libin were offering classes during covid. I chose to email Bette-Ann to inquire about my daughter being able to try a zoom class or two. My daughter fell in love with her teaching immediately. She is an energetic and engaging pedagogue. Her love for dance was palpable and she exuded positivity. She always gave great feedback and encouraged the dancers not to be too hard on themselves, she believes everything comes in time and repetition. Since covid restrictions have been lifted,they returned to in person instruction. I didn't think it could get any better, but her instruction continued to make my daughter strive to do her best and become stronger and more confident. My daughter has grown exponentially as a dancer, she is more confident and uses all the skills Bette-Ann has given her, not only in dance but in her life as well. I have had the chance to observe all levels of skill that Bette-Ann teaches and it is with the same positivity and excitement. I have left these situations feeling uplifted by just listening to all she has to offer the dancers. She is such an asset to anyone who she teaches. I would recommend her very highly, and I have.

Annmarie Marolda

I have been dancing with Miss Bette for 3 years now and I can’t recommend her studio enough. I came to her studio at 16, as a beginner ballet student, after struggling to find any other studio in the area that would take a beginner in her late teens. I have seen Miss Bette work with students of all ages and levels and she always finds a way to uniquely meet each student’s needs. Her classes are focused on developing great technique while helping dancers build strength and flexibility. Miss Bette finds the perfect balance of support and tough-love to keep her classes fun, joyful, and challenging for all. I have made tremendous progress as a dancer over the past three years in terms of my technique, flexibility, strength, and my confidence in my dance abilities. If you’re ready to work hard, sign up for her classes!!!

Laura Herscovici

Bette-Ann is a teacher in a class of her own. She is extremely talented as an artist and mentor. Her technical foundation is strong, and she prioritizes healthy development of dancers. Her passion for her work and her students is incredible.

Eleanor Duva

On referral from a friend, our daughter started at the studio in the spring of 2017. She really responded to Bette-Ann's teaching style, and was thrilled to be part of the spring production. With any activity, it seems that you either get incredible coaching without any warmth, or lots of warmth and less-than-serious coaching, but here you get both. What stood out to us--in addition to the quality of instruction--was how quickly we became part of the studio family. We felt we belonged there as much as the longtime dancers did. We're all looking forward to another year with Bette-Ann!

Joanna, West Hartford

We met Bette-Ann in 1995 when our two oldest daughters began dance. I can only describe their experience as wonderful. Bette-Ann, without question, is highly competent as a teacher. She knows what she's doing. Bette-Ann has something more, however. She has a passion and love for teaching. This is so obvious in the way she approaches instruction--something I would describe as "unanxious high expectations" for her students.

What she doesn't do, though, is create an atmosphere that is overly intense or developmentally inappropriate for her students. My girls progressed beautifully under her guidance--without the physical and emotional toll that some other programs can create.

If you want a rock solid foundation of ballet and dance for your child, there is no other choice in my mind.

Leesa Wallace

It is not every girl that gets the opportunity to learn ballet from someone who lives and breathes dance. Bette-Ann's enthusiasm for dance is contagious and each girl in her classes is infected with the joy of dance. There is no better place for a little girl to grow into a strong confident woman than at the Studio of Dance. Each girl attending Bette-Ann's classes is considered very special and she shows on a daily basis that she is honored to teach and share her art with each student.

Katrina Cohen

"Our daughter has been dancing with Bette-Ann Libin since the age of three (3) years old. She is now thirteen (13) years of age and in seventh grade.

Bette-Ann's exceptional training has taught our daughter not only the fine art of ballet but a discipline and focus that carries over into her personal life and schoolwork. Bette-Ann is dedicated to all her students and takes a personal interest in "her children". Her knowledgeable training curriculum and devotion has helped our daughter develop into a beautiful young dancer and a poised, accomplished young woman."

The Papandrea's

"My daughter will be 16 in June of 2011. She has been dancing with Studio of Dance & WHYB since she was 3. Due to the exemplary instruction from Bette-Ann Libin, she was prepared and has actually performed in professional shows in both small venues and at the Bushnell in Hartford, CT.

One of the many reasons for staying with Studio of Dance is I trust Bette-Ann's judgment. In this world of short cuts and immediate satisfaction, ballet is about preparation and there are no short cuts. While my daughter pressured us to get her on Pointe (since all of her friends at other dance schools were) Bette-Ann kept our focus on safety and ONLY when my daughter's body was ready, it would happen."

Glenn MacIntyre

"Bette-Ann Libin met my teenage daughter right where she was and welcomed her into her existing class of beautiful, young ballerinas in the making... It didn't matter that my daughter was about two-feet taller - and older than everyone else... Bette-Ann's warm, professional and caring hand brought each child to the place where she/he needed to be. My daughter thrived under her tutelage and has remained devoted to dance at Studio of Dance throughout her high school years. Thank you Bette-Ann, for your professionalism, exceptional training, and your caring spirit."

Doreen R. Oshinskie

"The School offers high quality dance training from experienced and highly trained instructors with student's individual abilities and needs in mind, in the convenient location of West Hartford Center."

Emily Gresh, former soloist, Boston Ballet (1989-1997);
Hartford Ballet and School of American Ballet, alumnae.

"I was fortunate to study as an adult with Bette-Ann Libin after having studied at the New England Conservatory as a girl where I was taught that the quality of instruction is paramount. Now my daughter is a student of the Studio of Dance and her progress has been astounding under the tutelage of the director. I cannot imagine a more professional and nurturing course of instruction in the art and language of dance. We are fortunate to have a studio of this quality in West Hartford."

Melanie L.

"Our daughters have taken classes at the Studio of Dance for most of the last 11 years. Having Bette-Ann as a teacher in my children's lives has been a gift to them and to me. She has been a powerful force in nurturing not only their bodies but their characters. Bette-Ann has a singular ability to call the children to excellence. At the same time, she offers a safe and secure place in which the children can explore and learn gleefully. Bette-Ann's first priority is the proper growth and development of the children. Her focus is on helping them develop awareness of their bodies and of the fundamentals of ballet, rather than on elaborate recitals. Because of her wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and a great deal of love, Bette-Ann offers a truly superior experience."

Eileen M.

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