Bette-Ann Libin
Principal Ballet Teacher


Rules and Regulations. Every student in the School is expected to conduct themselves in a disciplined and responsible manner while in the School facility, and to conform to the School's rules and regulations. The Studio of Dance reserves the right to dismiss any student whose conduct, attendance, and attitude are found to be unsatisfactory.

Attendance, Make-up Classes. The Studio of Dance requires punctual, regular class attendance as an essential component of dance discipline. Since each new lesson builds on the previous class, a total effort to attend every class should be made. Students or their parents must report all absences prior to class time, and students are encouraged to make up any missed classes by attending another scheduled class at the same or lower level. All missed classes must be made up within the same session. There are no transfers, credits, or cash refunds for missed classes.
Students must arrive at least 15 minutes before class to have sufficient time to warm up. Those arriving more than 10 minutes late will be asked to sit and observe the class.

Class Cancellations. Class Cancellations will be announced on NBC TV Channel 30 Connecticut News Storm Watch, WTIC AM 1080 Storm Center, and 96 WTIC FM. When in doubt, call the Studio of Dance one hour before class. There will be no make-up classes for days missed due to weather.

Class Observation Week. Parents are asked to remain in the waiting area and not to peek into classes in session since it is distracting to both students and instructors. Occasional guests are permitted to observe Pre-Professional Division classes at the discretion of the Director. The Studio of Dance offers formal class observation during the last week of classes of each session. (Cameras and video recorders are welcome at this time).
Guests are requested to be seated prior to the start of class and to remain seated for the full class period. Guests are also asked not to bring young children to the observation.

Dress Requirements. Students are expected to follow the dress code at their class level. Attire requirements are distributed at the start of the academic year. Students not properly attired for class will not be allowed to participate in class, but will observe instead. (Correct classroom attire not only allows teachers an unobstructed view of correct alignment and muscle use; it is also part of the discipline of dance class).

Specific rules for student attire include:

  • No jewelry, except pierced earrings.
  • No skirts, children's leotards with attached tutus, leg warmers, or sweats.
  • Students must enter and leave the building wearing street clothes and not dance attire.
  • Street shoes are not allowed to be worn on the dance floor by anyone. Shoes may be placed under the coat rack upstairs.
  • All female ballet students must wear their hair up in a secured bun. Short hair must be secured off the face and neck. Dance bags containing personal items and valuables are the responsibility of the student and should be brought into the studio during class and labeled with the student's name.

Studio of Dance Ballet School Attire 2023-24 (PDF)

Safety Policy. The Studio of Dance requests that all students 7 and under be escorted to and from the building by an adult. Teachers arrive 15 minutes prior to class. Please do not drop off students until the teacher is present. Do not leave children unsupervised either inside or outside the facility. Parents or escorts are required to pick-up their child at the conclusion of classes. Students may not remain inside the lobby while waiting for their rides once the final class of the day has ended.

Parents or escorts are requested to remain in the upstairs lobby during class. Children will meet them in the lobby once class is dismissed. The doorway, hallway, and stairs are to be kept clear. Parents or escorts of children ages 3 and 4 are requested to remain in the upstairs lobby during class in the event their child requires the use of the bathroom. Teachers are not permitted to leave a class in progress.

Rehearsals and Performances. The Studio of Dance does not produce an annual recital. As students progress in their training and ability levels, opportunities to perform will be available to qualified individuals in the form of lecture demonstrations, student performances, and roles with regional dance companies.

Building Rules. The Studio of Dance leases it’s space from Watkinson School and Lisa Matias Dance Centre and has implemented the following rules, which we ask everyone to abide by to ensure a positive experience me.

  • Food and drink are prohibited in all area of the buildings. Water bottles are allowed.
  • Pets or animals are not allowed, except guide dogs.
  • Smoking is not permitted.
  • While waiting for class, students should refrain from loud conversations and boisterous behavior in the building. Proper etiquette and respect for teachers, classmates, and facilities are expected. Older students are expected to set the standard for behavior while in the building and to serve as role models for younger students.

Injuries. Students who sustain an injury are requested to submit a diagnostic communication form (available at the studio) completed by a physical therapist or physician prior to returning to class.

The director may recommend that a student seek a therapist's assessment when an injury is not yet present. Recognizing the physical condition of a student is integral to their training and their subsequent advancement in the art of dance.

An injured student is expected to attend class in proper attire and participate in a capacity consistent with the extent of the injury. The Director will assist the student in managing their activities in class.

The Director supervised all classes. Studio of Dance reserves the right to reassign and substitute a teacher at any time, cancel a class due to insufficient enrollment, and close a class that has reached capacity. If a student or parent has any questions or concerns, please call as soon as possible. Limited private consultation is available throughout the year. Telephone calls and e-mails will be returned within two business days. For daily announcements, please refer to the bulletin boards on both floors.

A brochure has been created to acquaint Studio of Dance students and parents with the policies, procedures, events, and special services of the School, and to familiarize students and parents with issues and concerns that are unique to the dance field.

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